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Visa Sourcing

DJB specialise in providing consular services and advice to large businesses, corporations and corporate travel agencies.

For many years we have provided consular services and advice to FTSE 100 listed organisations for business travel to popular destinations including China, India, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.

DJB are Registered Handling Agents with nearly every Embassy, Consulate & High Commission in London, allowing us to handle the vast majority of visa applications required for your employee’s travel.

Our dedicated Russia and Kazakhstan department can readily arrange any officially accredited letters of invitation required for either business or personal travel to both Russia and Kazakhstan.

We can also handle the Translations and Legalisation of documents for all your business needs, both for use in member countries of the Hague Convention through the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and other countries directly through their embassies.

Call 0207 684 6242 to discuss your visa requirements.

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